We are an esteemed company in Baby care products. We commenced our business on the 15th of december 2015 and now we’re one of the major selling baby care products in our country.We are located in No 67 Galle Road, Dehiwala.

The Baby Room has a long experience in the baby products retail market in local and foreign for last 6 years. Our company has a strong customer base locally and globally. Our main purpose is providing best products and service. We have regular customers who purchase only from our showroom for their baby needs. Although we have a good customer relationship, we care our customers with good and understanding and for their satisfaction . Thereby our main happiness depends on as a company the way how customers gets satisfied after visiting us.

We have all kinds of baby care products and once you step in for the first time you can get everything what you desire to your baby and you’ll keep purchasing from us untill your baby turns into a todler . Thats how we’re developed as a company.

THE CUSTOMER IS KING marketing concept is our main mission too. Our main objective or the motto of our showroom for customer attraction is


An elegant well planned showroom can convert browser in to buyers.Our group of staffs are well balanced and they have the tactical thinking to bring this company to a certain extent by satisfying the customers needs and wants. So our well designed showroom attraction is one of main tips for our highest level achievement. And the products are high quality, Branded and durability as well.

We have our own imports and we sell quality products with customer friendly and certified too. We mainly import our products from China, India, Bangkok and etc. Therefore we look forward to develop as a well deserved business by implementing all the present possible tactics and ideas and enlarge as a business for the benefit of the customers!